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          Tropical Depression                                     Hey Eyes                                                   Cry Out                               Uplifting "Depressing" Music                  Marry Me, Cindy
Latest Album: Tropical Depression
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"I wrote Tropical Depression because, 'I can't even' know what I mean?  Never did I even consider a world where people get so self obsessed that they risk their own safety for 'the perfect selfie'. On TV, all you see are blatantly canned lies peddled with an agenda, aka 'Fake News'. In every city, there are people who will to do anything & hurt anyone to 'appear' successful on the internet, all the while struggling to even get by because of it. People neglecting their families. Harmful ideologies destroying the nuclear family. Rampaging mobs burning down cities. The worst of all, the West getting further & further away from what God intended. Someone had to have the balls to call it out. I'm that guy."

- Sergio Michel

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